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If your order is custom-made, meaning not in stock, it will be handmade for you in Tuscany! Our next custom order is Apr. 5th - delivery before July 17th

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Thank you for supporting PaisleyFish! We’re a US small business collaborating with small business Italian artisans.


Handcrafting with love takes time. If your order is a custom order, meaning not currently in stock, it will be handmade for you in Tuscany.


Our next order will be placed March 15th and delivered by June 15th, or you can request your money back.


We’ll keep you posted on the progress of your order!


If it includes a gift and you need something to give in the meantime, we can send a lovely note about your gift in an adorable miniature purse shaped box – contact us here to let us know, or if you have any other questions.


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