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How Soon Will I Receive My Order?

Depending on the product and whether it's in stock, will determine how fast it ships out. If the product is in stock, "Avalible Now" we will ship it out within one week. It may take up to two weeks to arrive. Custom-made order items will be shipped as soon as we receive them from Italy. We cannot guarantee a timeline for your handmade items, but they will usually take 60-90 days to handcraft and receive in the US. When you place your order we will send you a probable timeline. Thank you for your understanding. Our artisans work quickly, but quality is worth the wait!

How Long Is A Sale Or Sales Code Valid?

Sales and sales codes are only valid for the dates the sale is running. Purchases made the day before/after are not elibigle for the discount. Sales codes cannot be used on returns or exchanges.

Where Do You Ship?

We only ship within the United States (for now)

Why Italian Leather?

A signature of true Italian leather is quality. Leather is dyed all the way through using a unique slow process which takes patience, but the quality is obvious. “The natural aging does not compromise its resistance. It reveals the signs of time and... Read More

How Do I Store My Leather Item?

Your Paisley Fish bag is made of durable leather and should remain a good friend to you for years and years. It has few, but important requests to keep it at its best. Number one, make sure it’s not close to a heat vent or window. Direct heat and sunlight are... Read More

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