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Why Italian Leather?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

It's important to know when you support a business, even a small business, that the product is not only beautiful, but reflects an integrity that honors the animals, the environment, and centuries – old traditions of quality workmanship.

Signature Of True Italian Leather Is Quality

Leather is dyed all the way through using a unique slow process which takes patience, but the quality is obvious. The natural aging does not compromise its resistance. It reveals the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth. The colors of tannins give the leather an unmistakable warm and brilliant shade that becomes more intense with the passing of time and daily use." (the Italian Leather Consortium) Each piece is particular, it reflects the life of the individual animal, and each will hold the vegetable tannins in a different way making each unique and dear.

Made By Italian Artisans

All Paisley Fish bags are made by Italian artisans who hand make leather products from The Italian Leather Consortium, a group of tanneries that follow stringent guidelines. They’re serious about their manifesto. No animal is ever killed for its skin. The raw hides used derive from cattle destined, from the outset, to the food sector and they come from European farms which comply with EU legislation on animal welfare” They also have strict standards on sustainability, environmental responsibility and quality control. “The Tuscan Tanning District is the only district in Italy certified by EMAS (Eco - Management and Audit Scheme), a tool promoted by EU to encourage the implementation of responsible environmental strategies… ensuring the correct treatment and purification of tanning wastewater. According to the principles of circular economy of recover - recycle – reuse.”

There Is So Much To Love In The Manifesto

Here is just another example-The leather is tanned using natural plant - based tannins, as opposed to synthetic products, tannins come from renewable sources and are valued for their antioxidant, antibiotic and antibacterial properties.”

Paisley Fish is proud to present you with products lovingly handcrafted by Italian artisans who care about high quality, animal welfare, and the environment.



Paisley Fish is an independently owned US small business that supports and celebrates the work of Italian artisans. Each bag is unique and handmade just for you!
Let us start you on a custom Italian experience of luscious leathers
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