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We are a small business in support of small business Italian artisans, and we're grateful you're here. This is our passion, and we do it for the love of Italy, and beautiful bags made with old-world integrity. If you have any questions, feedback or would like us to curate a style that's perfect for you, we would love to hear from you. Thank you for your support!

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What kind of Color Editing do I get to receive?

Since 2012, ALPS CREATION has constantly been changing our photography style and seeking improvement in our work. Color is very vital in creating timeless photos for a lifetime to remember. Throughout the years, different color editing have always been in and out of trends but we strive to maintain consistency in the wedding photos. We aim to create colors in our photos that is as close as possible to film and create a pastel and clean look in the images.

What is your style?

Creating a distinct style in the wedding industry is to ensure that all important photos are taken with little to no miscommunication. All photographers at ALPS Creation are given an internal rating system to ensure quality in the photos without missing any important moments. This is to ensure that all photos are taken.

Why should I hire you?

Hiring a team of photographers is always a wiser choice. In the event of an illness, or any unforeseen circumstances, ALPS Creation will look for a replacement and make sure that the photographer is competent to shoot your wedding. Backing up of photos: We have three rounds of backup to make sure that all images will not be lost.

How do you ensure that my photos will NOT be lost?

We take utmost care in tprotecting your images and backup all photos immediately after the shoot. All SD cards are carefuly kept in our locker and will only be formatted when all photos are delivered to you. Concurrently, we backup the photos in the hard disk and our cloud system to ensure that photos have mulitple storage and backup.


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