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How to Store Your Italian Leather Bag

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Your Paisley Fish bag is made of durable leather and should remain a good friend to you for years and years. It has few, but important requests to keep it at its best.

No Heat, No Light:

Make sure it’s not close to a heat vent or window. Direct heat and sunlight are the biggest foes of good leather and will dry it out. A dark cool closet or cabinet works best.

Heat and sun can be trouble, but also water and rain that saturates the leather can be a problem.

Never Store A Bag That Is Wet. Gently Wipe Away Any Excess Water And Let It Fully Dry Before Storing.

Use A Dust Bag

Store your bag in the dust bag it came in to keep it dust free and protected from artificial light. A light colored cotton pillow case will also work. Never store leather in plastic. Add dry bubble wrap to the inside so it keeps its shape. Make sure the bubble wrap is totally dry or it could mold. Add silica gel packs if you have them. The apex of bag storage luxury would be a bag pillow. (Yes it’s a real thing), but honestly they’re expensive and bubble wrap or tissue paper works fine to keep the shape. Just avoid newspaper as the print may rub off onto your bag.

Honoring your bag with good storing practices keeps it looking its best and a joy for you to carry for years.


If you’re looking for a way to store them in your closet, you may consider these reasonably priced hanging organizers:

Paisley Fish is proud to present you with products lovingly handcrafted by Italian artisans who care about high quality, animal welfare, and the environment.



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